What are the values that drive our city?

I hope that these posts give every member of our community a chance to get to know me and the experience and values that I would bring to City Council.  Most of you that I have met previously have been through events benefiting children.  In fact, El Segundo has two things it does better than any city in the area: supports families and enables business.  Supporting families is central to the way we live, and I believe that my life experiences display that same commitment.

Volunteering is instinctive to El Segundo, and we were invited into this culture from the day that we arrived. 

When we moved here we had just finalized the adoption of our oldest daughter, and as parents to a new daughter of a different race from extreme circumstances, we were very anxious.  Incredibly, on the very first day, we met a family who invited us into their home and to share their son’s birthday and have a joint birthday for our daughter.  When your introduction to a community is a value of giving, helping, and putting the happiness of a new child first, then contributing to the community is the way that you live.

  Mazzy joining our family

Mazzy joining our family

The following year we asked many of our new friends if they would join us to support the Camp Kesem charity for children affected by a parent’s cancer; a charity very dear to us.  Kesem allows children to escape and build a community with other children that are going through the same battle.  The response has been overwhelming as families from El Segundo now support nearly one hundred campers.

Our family background has made fitting into El Segundo’s culture easy.  My wife, Laura, worked with destitute children in relief camps in Africa as well as representing foster children in LA County.  Similarly, I encountered children in extreme distress throughout my time in the military.  As parents, we were adamant that we would help and our incredible experience when we arrived here provided numerous opportunities.  We joined the Eagle's Nest Preschool board to bring new educational opportunities to the children and improve the facilities and safety of the school.  We have been active on the School Site Council and PTA for Richmond Street (and have the Fall Festival ‘prize’ strewn car to prove it).  I coach baseball, softball and soccer and am on the Little League board as the AA commissioner.   We run for education, we are class parents, and we participate in city government.  

El Segundo revolves around our families, and I hope to help us show the next families that arrive, new to the area or new to being parents, anxious and eager, that our city will continue to have a place for them, a hand for them, and a community that they can join.