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Everyone in El Segundo deserves to know their families are safe, their taxes are spent wisely, and that the character of their town will be preserved.

I am a combat veteran who has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, large corporate consultancies, and major media companies in order to protect people and organizations from both the threats of terrorists and the risks of mismanagement.



I've met many of you through coaching Little League or soccer, the Eagles Nest Preschool PTO, or countless events that bring this community together.  I’ve heard the common message: we have a great city that is facing major challenges.  

  • How do we open our doors to growth without risking the heritage that makes our town unique?  
  • How do we keep our neighborhoods safe and honor our commitments to our protectors?  
  • How do we provide the services that our seniors and students deserve?

I am confident by listening, asking questions, and shared hard work, these problems are solvable and the battles are winnable.  We can attract the investment to grow our local economy, we can work with our responders to build a secure community, and we can fund the services our seniors deserve.

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