How should we handle short-term rentals in El Segundo?

For a few maddening years we had to live with a bizarre ‘tax’ for living in El Segundo: we could take an $8 Uber ride to LAX, but had to endure an absurd minimum fare (and an angry driver) to take a taxi from LAX.  Why?  Because the airport saw the new technology as a threat to be blocked and not an opportunity to be managed and guided.  We see the same issue with short-term rentals in El Segundo.  We lump the worst-case scenario party house with the responsibly managed holiday rental that went unnoticed.  El Segundo needs to guide and harness the opportunity that renting visitors provide.

- Did you know that we can work with rental websites to collect our occupancy tax for us?  They do it all the time!

- Did you know that rental websites will manage the maximum number of days a property can be rented? They do it all the time!

My grandfather once wanted to be a pilot, and my great-grandfather convinced him that a propeller engine would never be powerful enough to make planes as efficient as ships.  He was right and wrong at the same time: propeller planes aren’t as efficient as cargo ships, but planes turned out OK anyway.  

The future is full of opportunities, not enemies.  Let’s guide our responsible homeowners and let the technology work to benefit El Segundo.